James Bay – Scars + Let It Go (Live) | New Music


James Bay has already been named as this year’s BRIT Awards Critic’s Choice winner, and given that the big event is just around the corner, this is undoubtedly a restless and exiting time for this young singer-songwriter. He’s a perfect example of an artist whose voice could carry him the whole way, never mind his song writing abilities. His style and delivery remind me a bit of Don Henley mixed in with some other 80’s artists with cutting vocal ranges. Believe me, when you hear this guy sing, you’ll realize this is a very good thing.


Bay’s recent offering, taken from a recent ‘Stripped’ session with VEVO, are the tracks “Scars” and “Let It Go”. These tracks demonstrate his ability to bend dynamic range in a way that is both uplifting and darn right emotionally gratifying to experience. “Scars” is my firm favourite, while I still enjoyed “Let It Go” for its structure, vocal shifts and lyrical content. You can access both videos for these tracks via VEVO’s new ‘Lift’ content platform, a recent initiative to help spotlight 2015’s new and emerging artists. Check out “Scars” and “Let It Go” below.





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