Jay Carteré – Drug Music | Music Video


London based solo artist and producer Jay Carteré has released a new video for his latest song, “Drug Music“. Although the artist is studying a music production degree at Tech Music School, he still finds time to make his music career a priority amongst others. Last year saw the university student take a route into the world of dance music and explore the use of different genres before creating a hybrid of both dance and rap.


The video for “Drug Music“, produced by his company CoolCut Films, features Jay standing in a blacked out room with a repetitive change of backdrops in the scenery behind him, his shirt disappears throughout the video, so try not to keep your eyes fixed, the video holds a diversity among most 20 something male rappers, and offers a diverse yet forward thinking lyrical approach. The artist is definitely one to watch, and overall, the music video for “Drug Music” is an impressive demonstration the artists songwriting and production skills.




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