Josie Man Shares Stripped New Single ‘Little Space For Me’ | Music News


Kent-hailing alt-pop phenomenon Josie Man has shared her brand new beautiful song titled “Little Space For Me”. This song follows the sentimental and romantic single “Cuts & Bruises”, which was released back in late February.


“Little Space For Me” displays the talent of the young musician, her voice as much as her songwriting. Her honey-toned vocals are the perfect addition to the sentimental lyrics of the single and the soft piano melody is the perfect choice to accompany the Josie’s voice.


The single speaks of the love that is shared by Josie’s parents as well as the way that they made space in their everyday life to give love to Josie and her siblings.


She sings “You didn’t have a lot but you knew you were in love, but that is how it’s supposed to be. But you made a little bit of space for me.” Listening to “Little Space For Me”, we discover the meaningful and tender moment shared by the family through Josie’s eyes growing up.


In this song, Josie Man explained struggles she had to face in her everyday life such as seeking to grow her self love and happiness, singing “Were you ever going to tell me happiness can make you sad?


The single has landed with its video that makes us visualize the lyrics. In the video, we can see Josie with her parents around a table with love in their eyes, as well as many sentimental and heart-warming family videos of Josie’s childhood.


People who already know Josie Man will be able to remember the ambient themes in her music. We can also notice that “Little Space For Me” is quite tied up to one of her previous single “Grow”. This song was an anthemic and self-introspective pop song that explained that we needed to change and to adapt ourselves through our different life experiences.


Josie Man will always encourage honesty and build confidence. She shares with us messages through her touching and honest music. The young alt-pop star hopes to spread more sensitivity to physical, emotional, and mental wellness.


Watch the heart-warming video of Josie Man’s single “Little Space For Me” here:




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