Justin Bieber Labels Award Shows As Fake | Music News



After missing out to Adele at the Billboard Music Award, Justin Bieber has made it clear that he is not a fan of award shows. The star believes that performances at music events mean more than honours and speeches as there is a real reason behind it.


This outburst on Instagram comes after the star announced he would refuse to take pictures with fans to avoid himself getting over exposed and felt he was being worn down by his passionate fan base. Bieber is 22 years old now, but found fame very young, enjoying worldwide acclaim for his first hit “Baby” when he was just 16.


Justin also believes that the constant grading and rating of performances is unhealthy, making the shows seem less of a celebration and more of a way to knock people down. The accomplishments come as a secondary. Justin’s feelings can be summarised by his closing comment: “There’s an authenticity missing that I crave!



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