Kadeem Tyrell – Take Me | Music Video


2018 was a brilliant year for Kadeem Tyrell. The South London starlet gave us his first proper solo offering to the world in Feels, visuals and all. Now making consistent power moves, he gives us a brand new visual for his latest single “Take Me“.


Kadeem has created an avenue for himself in the UK R&B arena with his ‘future bounce’ sound. Sonically pleasing to the ears, production blends live R&B foundations with modern electronic touches.


Tyrell is in his element as he delivers a nostalgically soulful performance. His vocal arrangements are nothing short of sublime and his tone is smooth like butter and silk. A song that explores the thrill of a new relationship, it’s wonderfully uplifting, a burst of pure future-soul bliss.


Bringing those uplifting vibes to film, his brand new video explores those very same blissful feelings he sings about. With bright and bold looks, we engage in feelings of love and friendship with really creative shots


Speaking on “Take Me”, Kadeem shared: “With the use of live instruments and more ‘Take Me’ is a song that expresses a relationship that is about to take off. An uplifting track that is about a situations between two people who know each, like each other but really saying too much to take it the next stage of actually being together.”


Being heavily influenced by D’Angelo, Aaliyah, Musiq Soulchild and Destiny’s Child, those musical styles really come through. Lovers of smooth soul and R&B will love this. Watch the new video below.




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