Kanye West Bemoans His ‘Douchebaggery’ Ego In New York Times Interview | Music News


In a recent interview with New York Times, Kanye West spoke about life since his marriage to Kim Kardashian and the birth of his daughter North West. The rapper also spoke on the subject of being able to “create in two major fields” (fashion and music) and said “before I had those outlets, my ego was all I had“. Kanye compared his ego to a table in his house. The table is marble and therefore too heavy to move but Kanye hates it and said “I realised that table was my ego. No matter what you put around it, under it, no matter who photographed it, the douchebaggery would always come through“. West has also suggested that he is not the same angry person he used to be and he seems to have changed a lot since stepping up to be a father and husband. Read the full interview here.



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