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British singer Karl Benjamin has released the first single “Friends” from his forthcoming album called DRIST (short for Deep Rooted Insecurities and Shy Tendencies). Produced by Joseph Carson aka Courage, the single has an electronic instrumental with a soulfully energetic lyrics that speak to love, loss and fear.


When speaking about the new track, Benjamin says, “I wrote ‘Friends’ so I could talk about one of my biggest fears. Losing the people I treasure, its a tribute to my late brother, Leon, and to making sure that I don’t take people for granted. So I hope this song lets my loved ones know, they are truly appreciated. Im just a bit of an introvert I guess”.


The type of sound Benjamin makes is like a mix of electronica and singing, which is very unique and definitely worth listening to. He tells us that the person who inspired him the most was his older sister who always encouraged him to give it a go at singing, while he was trying to play football, which he was really bad at anyways.


After exploring his voice, he participated in a singing competition and won. Later on at Brighton university, he entered a band of 7 people and at one of their gigs, he got scouted by an agent and started modelling for Converse, Vivienne Westwood and others. However, when he moved to London he started taking his music more seriously and this is the outcome.


Listen to “Friends” below:




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