Kygo + Imagine Dragons – Born To Be Yours | Music Video


Bigfoot is looking for love in the new music video for Kygo and Imagine Dragons‘ wonderful new collaboration “Born To Be Yours“.


The single, released back in June and co-written by the four-piece band and the Norwegian producer, has already proved to be a hit and now, in preparation for the summer, it is getting that extra boost that should ultimately seal the deal.


Imagine Dragons, who I had the pleasure to see live last November, are a guarantee with their impetuous and energetic vibe that carries the song along and takes it to a whole new level, while Kygo plays it like a veteran with his trademark’s keyboard sound.


The explosive song is definitely a departure from Imagine Dragons’ more rock-based tracks. But the electronic spin on the song functions perfectly with the already bouncy sound of the Las Vegas band. If this will open up a more electronic-infused path for the band it remains to be seen, but “Born To Be Yours” is definitely a catchy song and I personally wouldn’t mind hearing more from them along this vein.


The video accompanying the single is modern love story with a mystical theme. A Bigfoot look-a-like falls in love with a cute brunette, only to find out that she is not the right girl for him.


But all’s well that ends well in this odd fairy tale, and eventually Bigfoot does get the girl.


Check out the video below:




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