Lily McKenzie + Team Salut – Surrender | New Music


Rising South London artist Lily McKenzie follows up her sensational single with 23 UnofficialOn Me” by delivering a slick new banger “Surrender“, featuring the talents of afrowave pioneers Team Salut.


A luscious embodiment of Team Salut’s seductive style, “Surrender” gives us sweet doses of the afrowave flavour on a contemporary pop canvas, beautifully topped with Lily’s emotive vocals. Not to mention an undeniably catchy chorus.


“I wrote ‘Surrender’ this summer during a time when I felt lost and as if I had a lot of things I needed to let go of; hurt, guilt, insecurities, doubts, and anything that was no longer serving me in a positive way,” Lily shared. “One night whilst meditating, I pulled out ‘Surrender and Release’ from my Angel cards, and a few days later I went to the studio with Team Salut and we wrote ‘Surrender’ based on that experience.”


“Surrender” demonstrates Lily’s rich singing abilities combined with the superb production talents of Team Salut. The single is a testament to both artists signature sounds and is set to feed into the excitement surrounding their already flourishing careers.




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