Lonely Spring Share New Music Video Of ‘For The Sake Of Your Heart’ | Music News


It seems that the emo rock scene is not dead in eastern Germany, where the young members of the Lonely Spring group come from. Their unique energy keeps the genre alive through songs evoking a kind of sound that could only be heard by artists such as Placebo, Billy Talent and My Chemical Romance.


In fact, it is possible to feel the eclectic style in their latest single “For The Sake Of Your Heart”, a touching song that goes straight to the deepest feelings of who is listening to it. “For the sake of your heart / Please remember who you are / You think it’s overrated“, they scream into their microphones, accompanied by the energetic and strong sounds of the guitars playing restlessy with the drums.


The song conveys the strong message of not forgetting who you are, and believing in others who can love you despite your scars. They have also projected their thoughts on the track, with a new music video which follows the story, written by Julian Fuchs, of a boy “suffering from memory loss“.


Throughout the story, all his attempts to remember are useless as he is afraid to feel his past scars again. But there is a solution to this emptiness that he feels inside, and in the end he will rediscover himself, thanks to the help of a mysterious girl who guides him through phases of “resolve-ruin-recover“.


The Lovely Spring have shown that they will not forget who they really are, despite all the difficulties they might encounter on their way, which is why they will climb to success faster than we expect. Watch the new video below:




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