Lucy Rose’s New Album ‘Something’s Changing’ Is Out Today | Music News


The new album from Lucy Rose is now available on all major music platforms. The album is composed of 11 tracks, including the lead single “What’s Good”. The album is closely linked with her documentary of same name, which saw the british artist visit south America (Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Mexico) for two months, playing free shows.


The main goal of the project was to break the barriers between fans and artists and create a space where the protagonist is only the music, pure and genuine. Her life experience in South America, as perceivable by the title of the album, has changed her life and her music forever.


The album was recorded in acoustics, allowing those who listen to enjoy the wonderful nature of Lucy’s voice. These are real emotions, unprocessed. The documentary is available on YouTube and is being screened at Lucy’s Global Cinema Tour, the UK leg of which, starts next week.




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