Madlib And Kaytranada Come Together For New Documentary ‘Driven By Sound’ | Music News


Haitian-Canadian producer/DJ Kaytranada and American producer Madlib have come together to work on a Pitchfork and Lexus IS Wax two-part mini documentary series that will be about both DJs. The documentary is titled Driven by Sound.


Both producers work a lot with Vinyl, which will be at the centre of the documentary about why that product has changed the way of making music. The documentary will also include behind-the-scenes of the unique edition Lexus IS Wax, which is a customized car with functional in-car turnable.


They are also reportedly collaborating on a special bonus 7-inch for the documentary. Kaytranada has also recently dropped “Caution” as part of TikTok’s Black History Month, and in the meantime Madlib dropped off his and Four Tet‘s collaboration album Sound Ancestors.


Kaytranada rose to prominence after he released a series of mixtapes, remixes, and original music projects beginning of 2010, and since 2014, he has been signed with the recording labels XL Recordings, releasing studio albums 99.9% and Bubba.


As for Madlib, he started his career in the early 90’s and the first music production was for the rap group Tha Alkaholiks, before going on to work with everyone from the late MF Doom to Jadakiss to Noname to Freddie Gibbs. After creating his own label Madlib Invazion, one of his more recent work was with Mac Miller, which was put on hold after Mac’s passing.


You can already watch the first part of the documentary on Pitchfork here, and the second part will be out by March 15.



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