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You might remember them for the lovely “Rude” and the refrain “I’m gonna marry her anyway…”, but they haven’t disappeared – not like one of those emerging stars that step into the music scene with one success but then stay silent.


Canadian band MAGIC! have more projects at the ready. A month ago, they dropped the melodic and once again romantic single “Kiss Me“, and a new second track from the forthcoming album has just arrived.


The new track, which will bear the same name as the announced album, “Expectations” is a reggae fusion hit all about enjoying life as it is, and trying not to focus on how it could be or have been.


The song is accompanied by an artistic cover, that shows a half water-half fire heart, on a dark background, and will be the leading image for the official album, set to arrive September 7, but is already available for pre-order.


The band is based in Toronto, and was founded by producer and songwriter Nasri (aka Nasri Atweh), who is the vocalist. They present a varied original music style, a mix of pop, R&B, and reggae.


More news are coming so don’t miss MAGIC! and what else they have prepared so far. It won’t disappoint your “Expectations”…




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