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Maja Francis – Saved By The Summer | New Music


Swedish artist Maja Francis has just unveiled her new single “Saved By The Summer” through Universal Music. The singer is influenced by artists such as Kate Bush and Robyn, and is very open about wearing her feelings on her sleeve.


According to Maja, to be vulnerable is to be powerful, and her mantra for that is: “Wear your feelings like a tiara”. This statement also means that the singer is not afraid to show emotions and her colours in her songs, and that it is ok not to be ok.


Her brand new single “Saved By The Summer” is an electro-pop song that has this feel-good summer vibe over it. The single is followed by her tearaway debut EP Come Companion which has been played over 5 million times on Spotify. On top of this, she recently featured on the Norwegian hit single “Kids In Love” by Kygo.


For her new single, she wrote an open letter to the Summer saying:


“Hi summer! Before u came, in June, I was pretty miserable and heart broken. With your peach sky & cotton candy clouds, u gave me freckles, layed me down in the grass telling me ”everything will be ok…” We got real tight and did everything together”.


“Parties and cheap champagne, sunrays and salty oceans, bare feet and flirts, bicycle rides and skinny dipping, festivals and road trips, space buns and pink lips, watermelon and daisies, never ending days and nights.U made everything so easy for a while. Thanks for saving me. XOXO Maja”.

This is also how the singer performs in the video where she enjoys the summer. It captures all the fun and pleasures moments of the season while Maja is dancing in the sunshine on rooftops, picking daises and sipping on cockails. A music video that will make you wish that summer could be a longer season, so you can enjoy it like Maja.


Watch below Maja´s lively and happy video for “Saved By The Summer”




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