Matt Wills – Just Us | New Music


Burgeoning UK pop artist Matt Wills is ready to leave a lasting impression with his first release of the year “Just Us”.


This new single is warm to the ears. It’s pop in all the right and honest ways. Simple and spacious production, It lets Matt’s sincere lyrics and thoughtfully controlled vocals shine. Matt is in a better place relationship-wise, pushing aside the obvious distractions to obtain what’s real.


Matt shared his sentiments: “I feel like this is the first time that I’ve been happy in a long while, so although I’m making out like this is deep and meaningful – that I set out to shed a light on problems in relationships – in all honesty, it’s just me being happy with another human and wanting to swim deep within that feeling.”



“I really wanted to make it feel like a letter or I suppose text I’d send someone. Just saying like we’re gonna leave the city, leave our phones at home, not wear expensive clothes that we’re scared to ruin and just actually spend some time together under the stars chatting about what really matters and being actually happy within something…”


Co-signed by the likes of Halsey and Bastille and supported by the likes of Clash and BBC Radio One, Matt Wills’ “Just Us” is just the single needed to make the much desired return to music. We anticipate much more to come in the upcoming year.



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