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Max Pope‘s latest single “Just Friends” has been released on February 17th! This pop/soul song is about the resistances and pains of love, and the desire to always keep control over our relationships.


The artist, born in Crystal Palace and raised in Brighton, has always loved music. Not having had an easy youth, and had a complicated family life, he always fell back to music when he wasn’t well. The artist has always felt like a stranger from a very young age, but music has always helped him to communicate with the world.


Growing up, the pop soul artist managed to make a place for himself in BRIT School. This is where he will surround himself with musician friends and concentrate even more on writing music. He withdrew from the music world after making bad encounters, which crushed his creativity.


After an absence of two years, Max Pope starts writing music again, and released his latest EP, UP, in September 2019. It was played on radio stations such as BBC 6 Music and Beats 1. This EP is full of punk, blues, psychedelic and jazz influences. These songs are about colorful characters from his life or his imagination.


Listen to “Just Friends” here:




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