Meghan Markle’s Royal Life To Be Turned Into A Musical | TV News


Since we all love a good musical around Christmas time, BBC have announced that they will be creating a radio broadcast musical all about Meghan Markle’s Royal life, which will star Pippa Evans, Dave Lamb, and Richie Webb. These are regulars on the BBC Radio 4 show.


It will broadcast on New Year’s Day, after everyone has over indulged during the holidays and after celebrating the new year, which will come at a great time for those of us wanting to sit back and relax all day with the hair of the dog!


The name of the musical is The Sixth in Line to be King, and I, which will presumably follow the fairytale story of Meghan and Prince Harry falling in love, and the highs and lows of becoming part of one of the most well known families in history.


According to PopSugar, “the Christmas program will also feature a special appearance from Prince Charles, who will share his most inspirational musical moments on Radio 3’s Private Sessions“. It’ll also play for 15 minutes, so make sure you stay tuned on New Year’s Day so as not to miss out.





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