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Mélat – Twenty Ten | Music Video

Mélat 24.02.2016ANDREW


Austin, Texas songstress Mélat was last out with “Mercury Retrograde”. Now, she comes out with the new video for the Pha The Phenom produced song, “Twenty Ten”. The song is taken from Mélat’s 2015 EP, It Happens So Fast.


It begins with an eerie church music harmony, like you would hear in the medieval times and further back. Then there appears to be low and indistinct, bassy croaking words spoken over the track. Then sampled and chopped up guitar and vocal pieces are played as the backdrop. The drums are as hard as the shutting of a steel door. Eventually, the track is over five minutes after all, Mélat kicks in. Soulful and sexy, she almost whispers, but the diction is clear enough.


The video opens with orchestral vocals alongside a single lit candle, as she lays in bed. There are images of wolves, amongst other things, and a very disorientating kaleidoscope effect. It chops and changes between places, floating through doorways. Once she is out of bed, Mélat flits between facing the camera head on, turning her back to it and being very suggestive. Given the fact that the song appears to talk of the days of 2010, it seems the song jumps from the present to the past, the current scene to the previous.




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