Miles Kane Apologises For ‘Ill Judged’ Comments To Female Journalist | Music News

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Miles Kane Apologises For ‘Ill Judged’ Comments To Female Journalist | Music News



Miles Kane has recently found himself in hot water after offending a female journalist during an interview with his “ill judged” sexual remarks. Kane was being interviewed by Spin alongside Alex Turner in the lead up to the release of their new Last Shadow Puppets album Everything You’ve Come To Expect, journalist Rachel Brodsky did not expect to leave feeling uncomfortable.


It is said Kane made comments in the interview about butter and Alex Turner’s crotch before asking Brodsky asked what plans the pair had after the interview, to which Kane replied: “Do you want to go upstairs?” When she turned down the offer, their publicist said: “I did warn you when you arrived that they were on kind of a downward spiral”. Kane added that he was joking about the request.


That’s not even the end of it, Brodsky writes in her feature: “The interview eventually comes to its natural conclusion, but I may also have unconsciously wanted to wrap things up early in the interest of standing up and walking out. Turner gives me a nice handshake goodbye. When I extend my hand to Kane, he yanks me in for a not-entirely consensual kiss on the cheek“.


A few days afterwards, Brodsky received an apologetic note from Kane. It reads: “I really enjoyed chatting to you about the new record. I am just very sorry that silly remarks I made during our interview have caused offence. I recognise my ‘Carry On’ humour during the interview was ill judged and I am mortified that it made you feel uncomfortable. Please accept my sincere apologies”.


Brodsky also addressed this saying: “I appreciate Kane’s note, but it doesn’t make me feel better. It certainly didn’t erase that afternoon or the other times I’ve felt objectified on the job. Notes like it don’t change the events that preceded them. Instead of apologies, I’d like to see a little more foresight and a lot more professionalism toward women in the music industry”.



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