Morgan Wallen Album ‘Dangerous’ Tops Billboard Album Chart For Three Weeks Straight | Music News


US country singer and songwriter Morgan Wallen came out with his double album Dangerous: The Double Album on January 8 with a total of 30 tracks, with three bonus tracks being added to his album a few weeks after that, and the album is going great for him, topping various charts.


After three weeks, the album remains at the top of the Billboard Album Chart. According to Billboard, it’s been eight years since a country album has been at the top of their album chartfor that long. As stated by MRC Data, he has already sold 130,000 units in the US alone in the past week.


Morgan can be very honoured and delighted with his latest achievement because as we mentioned above, it really has been a long time since the US album chart has seen a country album hold the top spot for this many weeks. It was almost a decade ago that this record was last achieved with Alan Jackson‘s album Drive.


Morgan Wallen has quickly made a name for himself in the country music category, he has worked with the likes of Diplo and is also known for such popular songs as “Heartless” and “Whiskey Glass” as well as his cover of Jason Isbell‘s song “Chasin’ You”, he just kept getting bigger throughout the years.


Although, like many artists and performers, Morgan Wallen would want to do a tour for his album Dangerous but because of the pandemic, the tour will still have to wait a few months…



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