Morly – Maelstrom | New Music


If there’s one thing that’s better than hearing a track I like, it’s happening upon an uplifting piece of music not yet glued to the world’s windscreen by being drowned in analysis. Minneapolis producer Morly’s “Maelstrom” is angelic, airy, melodic and well balanced, all in the space of just over three and half minutes. If you go in with your genre radar on full power, you’ll notice a mix of post-rock guitar work, plainsong vocal arrangements and even minimalism.


The track is featured alongside tracks from Beat Culture and Fever Trails, all of which are part of Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs project. From what I’ve heard already, Hemsworth’s Secret Songs is shaping up to be quite a goody bag of electronically inspired melodic gems. “Maelstrom” is no exception, being tasteful, hopeful and well evolved all in one serving. Go and get uplifted.




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