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The Newcastle-based jazz fusion band LYRAS has just released their debut single “Don’t Keep Me Awake”, blending soul, jazz and contemporary R&B to a dreamy melody.


LYRAS is consisting of 5 people, Ada Francis (Vocals & Guitar), Gavin Christie (Drums), Luke Elgie (Bass Guitar), Luke Gaul (Guitar) and Grace Alexander (Keys). Originally they have planned a summer full of live performances and festivals, but – as we all know – the Covid-19 pandemic happened and crossed their plans.


During the lockdown in the UK they have found a creative way to continue composing music. “Don’t Keep Me Awake” has been written separately, seeing the individual artist sending song parts to each other by mail. Without creating together in the rehearsal room they have managed to put their debut project, released by Horus Music Limited, together.


“Writing tracks initially via email can be a slow process, but we’ve had no choice but to make it work. Sometimes I get the magic moment where I sit down and write almost a full song that works for LYRAS and that’s great, but we’re also happy taking our time with the music as we want it to be as good as it can be,” vocalist Ada Francis states out about this usual way of songwriting.


“Don’t Keep Me Awake” doesn’t sound at all like it was written separately, because the instrumentation fits together so well. The debut track which offers a first insight into the sound of LYRAS tells a modern story about boredom, hook-ups and apathy. In the lyrics vocals Ada Francis describes a one night stand from a female perspective and true motivations behind them.


“I’m not saying that I want you to leave / I’m just a little bored out of my mind” she sings in the humorous and brutal honest lyrics about a person who is only having one night stand to get some comfort and consultation. Listen to the jazz groove debut track of LYRAS below!




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