Noshvia Wu – Question Mark | New Music


A pop star with a difference.


Chinese avant-pop artist Noshvia Wu is our newly found gem. A burgeoning young talent, she introduces herself into the scene with the release of her debut single “Question Mark”.


A seasoned songwriter and producer in her own right, she teams up with Dutch E Germ to bring to the table a new shimmering pop jam that is definitely more left-field than anything else…in a good way.


She provides a vocal performance that is soft and stirring against the backdrop of strings, percussion and intricate sprinkles of textured sounds. Keeping it short, its obscure yet beautiful electronica.


Shes an award winning songwriter, a master at the piano, a Berklee College attendee and shes yet to hit her prime.


Noshvia Wu is a serious artist with major ambitions, currently gearing up to release her first ever album. Tapping seriously acclaimed producers to assist in the project from Jam City to Soulspeak and Fishdoll, Noshvia Wu is set to capitalise on her position and give a new take on the pop sound.




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