Octavian – Little | Music Video


France-born, South London raised rapper Octavian superseded many expectations with his breakout songs “100 Degrees” and more prominently “Party Here”, which have helped position him as one of the more promising voices in British underground music. Maintaining a level of consistency after releasing the aforementioned, he keeps it up with his latest experimental smash “Little“.


Directed by Kill Farrell and Armin Druz, the video also features the newest Instagram sensation, six-year-old Icy Just and friends, possibly as a representation of Octavian himself, on a trip through the streets of London, enjoying the highlife. He’s living it up with the fancy clothes, fancy cars and expensive dates and tastes.


With a sound that feels like a fusion of of house, rap, and drill, Octavian has grabbed many’s attention, even overseas, with the likes of Drake quoting his famous lines from “Party Here”. His hustle and artistic development is worthy of all the praise coming his way.




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