Pink Floyd To Reissue Their Music On Vinyl | Music News



After two decades, Pink Floyd Records are to begin production of Vinyl records and are set to reintroduce fans to their wonderful back catalogue of hits. There first four albums are set to be re-released in June and more should follow later in the year.


The band’s decision to release their music on a thought to be redundant platform is further proof that a vinyl rival is going on. Retailers and artists around the world have begun selling vinyl again after CD sales dipped below downloads for the first time last year. Even thought Pink Floyd music is available digitally and on most streaming platforms, there is still something retro and special about vinyl.


The artwork for the vinyl has been painstakingly re-created to be as close to the original Pink Floyd covers of yesteryear. The new records will also be published on the highest quality vinyl in order to maximise sound quality. Warner Bros. will release the products in the UK whilst Sony Music will take control in America and the rest of the world.



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