R.A.E Releases Music Video For Latest Track ‘Not Your Love’ | Music News


London rapper, singer and songwriter R.A.E has released the video clip for her latest track “Not Your Love”, which is set around a fierce basketball competition between men and women which relates to relationships wins and losses. The video speaks to the inspiration behind the track, which is about the complications that arise for a situationship.


Speaking about wha the track means to her, R.A.E says, “for those that have been in one before, you’ll know sometimes its up and sometimes its down, it’s all about not allowing the negatives distract you from chasing the bag and focusing own your goals – we gotta get this money sis!”.


The music video is directly by Chris Chucky and the track “Listen Up” has already gained support from Wonderland, Notion and Complex, with GQ crowning her as one of the Top 50 new musicians making 2020 better.


The singer R.A.E (which stands for Rising Above Everything), won the 2020 Glastonbury Emerging Talent Festival, making her the first black woman and rapper to win the competition. She serves a unique blend of rap and R&B, her music brings a fresh but nostalgic sound as well as uplifting lyrics


Watch the video for “Not Your Love” below:




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