R I T U A L – Visions | Music Video


“Visions” is the stunning new track to be taken from the debut EP of the unidentified trio known as Ritual. All we know about them is that the group is a captivating collaboration of an Irish born folk singer-songwriter, an underground Hip Hop producer who has worked with the likes of Talib Kweli, and a multi-instrumentalist who been involved with an array of the UK’s most talented singers, however their exact identity still remains anonymous, but when music sounds this, beautiful who really cares, it should be all about the music anyway!


The new track “Visions” which is the second track to be released from the EP comes with absolutely stunning visuals, they are kind of like a personal piece of artistic bliss, or an art film creatively putting together enchanting imagery layered with raw film footage, whatever you want to call it, it is simply hypnotic and represents the theme of the song so perfectly, which is the need for another. When a video and the music coincide together so naturally, it provides a real moment of beauty and allows the viewer to be taken away on a journey, which is what music is all about. So there we have it, “Visions” by music’s version of Banksy, which I think is rather exciting!




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