Remain And Leave Voters Squabble Over Turkey At Christmas | Politics


In a new BBC interview, two guys from Wales were arguing about another referendum, and it couldn’t be more hilarious and true to the current situation the UK is in.


It’s a clear representation of things that, quite frankly, we’re sick and tired of hearing about, but luckily the turkey at Christmas makes it all the worth while to watch.

The Independent notes that the interview covers all the “tired cliches we have heard for the last two and a half years”:


“✔ 52 – 48 not being conclusive
✔ “That’s democracy”
✔ “For 40 years the EU has done nothing for us”
✔ Information on how the EU has helped people who voted against it
✔ Leave voters getting offended by a comparison and then a Remainer trying to apologise
✔ ‘Fake news media’
✔ Second referendum
✔ “Why are you afraid of a no-deal?”
✔ ‘This country fought a World War’ cliche
✔ Project fear
✔ We don’t need Europe”


Overall its safe to say these two aren’t going to share the stuffing anytime soon.



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