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Five years since her last LP, Dido has returned with a new soon-to-be-released album Still On My Mind. If you can’t wait though, check out “Give You Up” here.



Dido released her break-up anthem yesterday, and it’s classic to the style we all know and love her for. Moving on from “White Flag”, and “Thank You”, Dido redefines who she is, while simultaneously redefining her music as powerful and relevant.


She’s come a long way since she featured on Eminem’s “Stan”, and this might be the perfect time to make a comeback as an individual artist.


With lyrics like these:


“You don’t, you don’t get under my skin no more
No, it’s gone, it’s gone
I ain’t thinking ’bout you no more”


And an empowering chorus like this:


“I found a way to let you go
So you don’t have to stay now
A broken mind
I came close
But you can’t rip my heart out
I’m giving up
I’m giving up
I’ll give you up
I found a way to let you go
It’s gonna rip your heart out”


She’s clearly ready to get out of a toxic relationship, and hopefully through her music it will encourage others to do the same.


Still On My Mind will release 8 June 2019. 



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