SAVVIE Launches New Track ‘Take Me Home’ With David Sinclair-Black | Music News


London based artist SAVVIE has released a brand new track titled “Take Me Home” in partnership with internationally acclaimed record producer David Sinclair Black.


The singer takes his aspirations from prestigious singers such as Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and even Michael Jackson. He has the habit to make an outstanding blend with these artists’ style and his own personal twist to create such a unique and energetic sound, and we can recognize the contemporary R&B, alternative/indie and adult contemporary influence.


With his personal motto “Born into Soul, Grew up into Rap”, SAVVIE is actually taking the bull by the horns in 2021 with many projects in the works, and what a good way to begin the year with “Take Me Home”


Due to the marvellous successes he has built over the years, he has managed to perform sold-out shows and opened for huge international acts such as So Solid Crew before the lockdown, and if things begin to open again by the Spring, I believe SAVVIE is one of the artist on which we can count on to have a good 2021.


According to him, the “Take Me Home” single “is a summery, vibey track that reflects on the hardships of establishing myself in the music industry and the challenges that come with growth. “This lonely road, fighting alone against my foes” here, I’m on the search for the way “home” which is peace of mind and satisfaction in my position in life and music”.


Listen to the single below:




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