Scandinavian Singer-Songwriter FREYR Comes Back With New Single ‘Abandoned Places’

The single “Abandoned Places,” by Scandinavian alternative folk musician Freyr has just released and is his first new music since 2021.

“Why do we come here to abandoned places? ” His breathy vocals echo over a call-and-response style of music, cinematic piano, and guitar. Dry earth is all that is present, but we keep coming.” says artist about the song.

The idea of the song is very interesting and also beautiful with most heartbreaking tunes. It is hard to understand if the song is about hope,disappointment or giving up and that’s the beauty of it all.

“Everyone can relate to the feeling of wanting to do something, but the voice in your head tells you, ‘This is not a good idea’,” Freyr admits. “It’s the angel on one shoulder and the demon on the other.”

After singles like “Over My Head,” “I’m Sorry,” and “I’m Here became popular, Freyr released his full-length debut, Nicotine Bunker, in 2021. The album received positive reviews and millions of plays. He exchanged Sweden for Germany in 2022.

He created the original ideas for his upcoming music on his laptop while living out of several Airbnbs for about five weeks while remaining in constant physical, emotional, and spiritual motion.

You will fall in love with this musician’s unique style and unheard tunes with mix of angelic vocals.

Listen and enjoy the new release “Abandoned Places” by FREYR below!


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