Slint Guitarist David Pajo Opens Up About Suicide Attempt | Music News


Last month Slint guitarist David Pajo worried fans after he tried to take his own life. He is now feeling better in himself and said in an interview with Thinair, “life ain’t too shabby“. When talking about his depression, Pajo revealed only his ex knew that he was suicidal but that she didn’t acknowledge this, nor did she try to help him.


Pajo is now asking for depression to be more openly acknowledged, and warning of the dangers of society’s current taboo attitude towards depression and suicide and said, “we don’t talk about it amongst friends – we think it’s too morbid. But I’ve known more people who have died from suicide than any other illness. In my world, it’s a bigger problem than cancer. Yet it’s never talked about“. Now that Pajo is well on his way to recovery, he has said “the urge to make music is slowly returning” and he believes that all of this “intense emotion” will help his music in the future. He has also thanked fans for their support.



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