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Parisian producer Stwo has a new project out this week entitled Ninety Two, and “Morphans” is a relaxing new single to enjoy from the project. This song is like a Hip-Hop song, without any rapper on it. At first, its’ sound is non-understandable, like it would be old and far away. Maybe there are drum patterns, or maybe not? There is a penetrant bubble of non-specific sounds with a very slow melody carring out. However, after a few seconds, the music turns to a very clean backdrop, with precise drums, and smooth high-pitched piano melodies, in addition to low far-distant-sounding vocals.


In contrast, after returning to the bubble part on “Morphans”, the piano melodies become lower, more sophisticated and clear-cut which produces a new sensation of being closer and more personal. But finally, it becomes distant again, ending up with those unspecific electronic sounds. Maybe you would expect to hear some text, but it doesn´t go there – this way, you can figure out what the music transmits to you for yourself. It´s a very calm, melancolic and nostalgic song. Listen to it, and let your imaginations fly, you can download the Ninety Two mixtape here.




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