Sugar Parks Unveils ‘Strange World’ From Debut EP ‘Ruminations’ | Music News


Strange World” is the brand new single from LA indie rock singer and songwriter Sugar Parks, taken from her debut EP titled Ruminations, which she describes as “a collection of indie rock tunes that shimmer with the darkness of noir pop while having gritty, bluesy overtones“.


Slanting towards a more pop rock sound than the other tracks on her Ruminations EP while still holding on to her dark bluesy edge, “Strange World” sees Sugar Parks talking about feeling like an outcast yet deciding to be true to one’s self regardless and without compromise.


“Strange World” and the rest of the EP is a collaborative effort between Sugar and her husband Mitch Parks, with Sugar providing the soulful vocals and captivating songwriting, and her husband Mitch delivering on the distorted guitar, bass riffs and indie alternative production.


Speaking about the inspiration behind “Strange World”, Sugar Parks says, “the lyrics are feeling like an outsider, but being true to one’s self regardless and without compromise. The lyric, ‘In a strange world where people lurk who used to know your name’, is referring to Facebook being this strange place where we see people from our past who we don’t talk to anymore for various reasons.


A post from someone from the past brought me back and showed me how much I’ve changed. Sometimes it seems growth is a process of becoming your true self by shedding layers of who people told you to be directly or indirectly and Strange World embodies that process for me“.


Listen to “Strange World” below:




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