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Every March the famous SXSW hits Austin, Texas. The festival and concert celebrates the combination of both Film and TV and holds host to a variety of genres in a sea of signed and unsigned musical talent.


Some of the rising female stars from the event this year and the ones to watch for the future:


The Japanese House: The Japanese House is the alias of Brighton’s Amber Bain, who has three indie-pop style EPs to her name. Her signing to The 1975’s label, Dirty Hit Records, thus leading to a support slot on their recent tour.


It is obvious that there is a heavy influence from label frontman, Matt Healy, but she has her own unique and soft vocal able to project through a crowd and catch anyone’s attention. This, combined with hooky pop synths and eerie melodies, she still creates a mysterious aura perfect for festival days with the sun pouring in and a drink in hand. Listen to “Face Like Thunder” here:



Maggie Rogers: It’s really great to see the rise of some extremely talented female solo artists that are bringing innovation to their music production, Maggie Rogers being a prime example. After a video of Maggie and Pharrell Williams reviewing her demo hit on YouTube, the video went viral and Maggie’s career began propelling upwards.


For some maybe even a classic stage dive after seeing videos from her recent tour dates in Europe. Maggie will sure have industry eyes on her at SXSW. Listen to “Alaska” here:



ELLE EXXE: Elle Exxe brings a rainbow of colour and fun back to pop music. A sound combining Marina And The Diamonds, Charlie XCX and even a hint of Lady Gaga, she brings a real sass and attitude to her electro-pop tunes. You can be sure that this Scottish starlet’s show will be as uplifting and energetic as her most recent release, “Lost In LA”, which oozes charisma. You can listen to it here:



Annabel Allum: An artist with passion and a dedication to her sound and the live scene. Annabel, signed to Killing Moon Records, has captured her audience through folk-inspired songwriting. This has now developed into a strong female presence with vocal and lyrical compassion aligned with a rock and roll style distortion. Listen to “Rich Backgrounds” here:



So many exciting acts at this years SXSW. Let me know who you think I’ve missed and who you will be watching/listening to this year!



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