Tacocat – I Hate The Weekend | New Music

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Tacocat – I Hate The Weekend | New Music



What I now offer you is a classic indie dance track. No funny business, no surprises, Tacocat are just giving you exactly what you want, so don’t skip past this track. If you want to have some fun, give this one a listen, get your dancing shoes on and start shaking about. Now I know what you’re thinking, who would want to dance to a song which takes a dig at the only two days us as humans can unwind and be free?


Well this is because Tacocat are trying to put a point across that not all workers are as fortunate as us who have the traditional 5 day a week routine. Some workers depend on weekend pay, so this essentially is an ode to these poor souls. The Seattle based surf-rockers track “I Hate The Weekend” will act as the first single from their third album Lost Time, which is due for release on April 1.




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