The Prodigy Fight On With ‘Violent’ New Album | Music News


Following the details of a May 2015 UK tour, dance-punk favourites The Prodigy opened up on a few details about their upcoming album The Day Is My Enemy, due to be released on the 30th of March. Following in their tradition of frenetic rock n rave n roll sounds, the band have stated their new music is full of aggression and energy.


Musician and tall chap Liam Howlett told the Guardian, “I can’t tell you why this record came out so angry, I think it’s just in-built in me’, further mentioning that ‘Anger is an energy’ and that tension builds into their unique sound“. A statement from the group also used several tasty adjectives to leave our eager ears wanting more, noting “a subverted militaristic snare, a distorted break, a glitched dub attack, a Middle Eastern refrain, a cacophony of in-car dissonance, a symphony of random noise soundtracking life at the edge of the night“. Big words, big noise, big fun.



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