The Rolling Stones To Release ‘Bridges To Buenos Aires’ Live Album And Concert Film | Music News


It’s been a while since the Rolling Stones had produced something vibrant, but now, the legendary British rock band has returned to the limelight with a new project. Bridges To Buenos Aires is a movie which reports one of the most important concert of the Stones, with the appearance on stage of the special guest Bob Dylan, playing “Like A Rolling Stone“.


Their last project came in July 2017, when the Toronto Sun reported that they were preparing to record their first album of original material in more than a decade. The album was On Air, a collection of 18 recordings that the band performed between 1963 and 1965. The collection included eight songs that the band had never recorded or released commercially.


The set captures the entire Stones concert on April 5, 1998 at the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The two-hours show portrays the band playing their then-recent album Bridges To Babylon, accompanied by a series of classics.


Their new live album Bridges To Buenos Aires has been extracted from that 1998 show, which hosts great classics such as “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” and “Gimme Shelter”. The live album and the film of the Rolling Stone concert have been scheduled for release on November 8.


In the meantime, watch the trailer below, where a live version of the song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” is played:




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