The Summer War – The Garden | Music Video

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The Summer War – The Garden | Music Video



The Summer War consists of Tom Farr (Bass and Vocals), David Ciaramella (Guitar and Vocals) and Jack Nolan (Drums). The group have just released their visuals for their song “The Garden”.


Guitarist and vocalist David Ciaramella explains about the song how this fits in with their new EP Cult of You; “This song definitely maintains the dark vibe that spans the rest of the EP. We spent quite a while layering this track, building that eerie feel. We put real effort into making this track stand out by building it around these big, sweeping choruses and weird, slightly off-kilter verses”.


Bassist and vocalist Tom Farr expands; “This is probably my favourite track off the record. It takes elements from everything we wanted to do on the EP, but also has its roots in stuff we’ve done in the past. It has the broader soundscape to it where we spent a lot of time layering effects and building an atmosphere, but still has the big, almost anthemic-style choruses from bands and songs we took influence from when we first started out as a band. I think if you were to sum up the sound if this EP with one track, this would be it, and whatever we do next will most likely branch off from this style of song”.




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