‘The Walking Dead’: Garret Dillahunt Settles Negan Casting Rumours | TV News


Sorry guys. With regards to the rumours that have emerged over Garret Dillahunt being cast as Negan in the AMC TV series The Walking Dead, the American actor confirmed via Twitter that he HASN’T been cast in the villainous role – although he’s hoping to be.


However, we can identify that from his tweets, that the hit drama series has began casting for the role of Negan, although this is yet to be confirmed by official sources. He ended the rumours by saying: 1) It’s true, I am a @WalkingDeadAMC fan. I want #Negan. They are looking at some great actors and will make the best choice for the show. 2) So surprised and grateful for all the support my public lobbying has received. Thank you. If not #Negan then something else someday! #WD.


Speculation arose when Dillahunt shared a photo of his reading material for the day – the issue of The Walking Dead that actually introduces Negan. The actor is notable for his roles in TV series such as: Deadwood, Raising Hope and Justified; meaning he’s had plenty of practice in a series related role. We’ll just have to wait and see…




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