The Weeknd And H.E.R Dominate 2021 Super Bowl Performances | Music News


The 2021 Super Bowl went down over the weekend at the Raymond James Stadium in Florida, with Tampa Bay Buccaneers going up against Kansas City Chiefs, and the Buccaneers winning 31 against 9 for the Kansas team.


That was only about the game itself, the other big part of the event was all the entertainment around it, with the famous Super Bowl ads and halftime show as well as the opening ceremony, which was as important. This year, even though COVID-19 is still here, the show was filled with many entertainment, whether it was for the ads or the actual performance.


The opening ceremony was performed by the talented R&B singer H.E.R, who sang “America the Beautiful“. Speaking about her performance, she said, “But I think the goal, for me, is to make my own. I’m a huge fan of the different versions of ‘America the Beautiful,’ but I really want to bring some different elements in there … make it H.E.R.“. Well the least we can say is that she managed to make the song a moving moment.


She wore a full denim outfit with lots of different materials, as well as sunglasses. H.E.R even played the electric guitar during her performance. After her stunning performance, the national anthem was sang by another R&B star Jazmine Sullivan and country singer Eric Church.


When the game arrived at half-time, that’s when most of the show happens. For this year’s halftime show, it was R&B singer The Weeknd that performed with his dance crew and violonists. The singer arrived in his now-trademark After Hours red and black costume.


The singer performed alone for the halftime show, with only his dance crew accompanying him. Speaking of, the dance crew wore bandages on their faces, like what The Weeknd did a few months ago. Regarding the songs, he sang “Blinding Lights“, “Save Your Tears“, “Starboy” and more, with his performance setting social media ablaze with reactions.


Watch the performances below:





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