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There’s a new THEESatisfaction album titled EarthEE just around the corner, February 24 to be exact, and if the newly-released title-track is anything to go by, Stas and Cat, the minds that form the duo, are continuing the bedazzling journey into self that begun with their debut album awE naturalE and are boldly taking us further into the deep cosmos of our minds.


“EarthEE” is an all-Seattle all-Sub Pop affair, with labelmates and Seattletons Porter Ray and Ishmael Butler, aka Palaceer Lazaro of experimental hip hop group Shabazz Palaces, joining the warped voyage of self-exploration. The gentle raps of Stas and the mellow singing of Cat meld to the glowing beat forming a hypnotic “1-2 punch” and Cat’s plea to “loosen up my mind” is evidently obliged by the two guests. Porter Ray begins the loosening and gets minds floating by “lighting candles while we pass bud“, and come Palaceer’s last words, the four of them are all well and truly on their way: “it’s like they flyin’, she said we high“.




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