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Travis Barker


Travis Barker has insisted that Blink 182 are, “not striving for mediocrity” and since the departure of Tom DeLonge – frontman for Angels and Airwaves, he feels with new member Matt Skiba that the group can go on and make music worthy. “It’s a new chapter and we’re not striving for mediocrity, we’re looking to kill it. We’re gonna make a great album“.


The band have been consistently committing to their new sound and have over 15-20 songs in their disposal. The album is said to be released maybe summertime, and even with a new member in the band the difference of sound is clear and eminent to the fans and also himself. He has recently mentioned ep’s with Transplant, albums with Antemasque, and his own solo material in 2016.  The ‘Punk Rock Cliche’ is still one of his favourites recorded with Matt, and Tom still sees Blink 182 as a major part of his life. A busy year ahead for Travis.



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