Vladimir Putin Criticizes Greta Thunberg UN Speech On Climate Change | Politics


After Donald Trump appeared to troll Swedish activist Greta Thunberg via Twitter, saying that “she seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see!”, now it’s Vladimir Putin‘s turn to criticize Greta’s action and ideas.


In particular, Putin focused on the activist’s passionate speech about climate change, which she gave at the United Nations summit in front of politicians from all around the globe. Putin praised Greta and new generations for caring about the environment and for putting so much passion and effort into the matter, but he admitted not to appreciate the activist’s speech. In Putin’s opinion, Greta is too idealistic and is giving easy solutions to complicated global problems.


The Russian President talked about the economic situation in Africa and parts of Asia, where people want to reach the First World’s wealth, but where ecology and renewable source of energies cannot answer to these populations’ demands. Solar energy, for example, could be a solution to Africa’s lack of energy, but it is too expensive. Although Putin’s statement could be sharable, it is true that the US and Russia Presidents are missing a crucial point of the problem.


Greta Thunberg, indeed, is only the symbol of new concern about climate change. She cannot and should not have to present valid solutions to a worldwide problem. Her function is to reach moral consciousness, to highlight a problem and to represent not only new generations but also scientists, who have always been worried about climate changes, but that hadn’t been heard before Greta’s emergence.



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