Youth Lagoon – Highway Patrol Stun Gun | Music Video


Youth Lagoon (also known as Trevor Powers) has shared a new music video for “Highway Patrol Stun Gun”. The single is another release of their forthcoming album Savage Hills Ballroom. The video is directed by Kendy Ty and you can watch it below.


Trevor Powers spoke to the Fader about song and music video, saying: “With all the police brutality in the media, it seemed like every single day there was some element of chaos—but in different forms. It just got so bad. I feel like we live in this shitstorm now where there’s so many corrupt people in high places, people getting away with all this shit. So, I sat down and I decided to just write whatever came to my mind. Living in Idaho, it’s easy to feel isolated from all of these events, and that was sort of my way of dealing with it. There’s also elements of loss tied to [the song] as well. I lost one of my closest friends a couple years back, and that bled into everything. It was all these ideas put into a blender“.


For me [the concept of the video] was this idea of having this extension of yourself. We go down these life paths and we feel like we’re always alone, but we have those different aspects of our personality that are essentially grounding us; we’re not quite alone, because we have our spirit. It was that idea, combined with the idea of losing someone and having them still be alive throughout your day to day—because I think that’s a very real thing. Anyone who’s experienced any sort of loss, you know you go out on a windy day you feel the wind on your skin and you feel like they’re still there“, Powers concluded.




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