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Yuri Runs is here to change not only the music industry, but more probably the whole music scene. Hiding behind a face-dog mask, he has finally come out from the darkness in which he was hiding to show to the world what he is capable of. This is his musical production, his precious beats, which he has kept for himself for over a decade.


He is a dog, a solo artist, producer, songwriter who, through all his life, could not escape his deep instinct and desire to be a musician. His music began to acquire a shape once he fell in love with the bouncy rhythms of hip hop and house music.


From that time, he started producing his own music, a complex mix of hip hop, grime, dance, rock and 2step. His latest EP Warm Welcome To The World is part of this special work.


As his new track “Rock And Roll” starts, the drop hits too hard as it reaches the hardest beats. He mixes his voice on the flowing music perfectly. Grooving and engaging, this piece would be appreciated even by non lovers of the genre. Frizzy tabs play loud in the tune. It seems like, for the first time, dogs overcame humans in creating music.


“Rock And Roll” is the fourth and final single off of this debut EP release of this mysterious artist. His identity may not be revealed yet, but one thing is clear, he will establish his territory with unique, powerful and contemporary music.


Listen to “Rock And Roll” below:





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