Du Tonc – Slow Down | New Music

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Du Tonc – Slow Down | New Music



Up until now, we’ve heard decidedly little from disco duo, Du Tonc. But their first release of 2016 – the peculiarly pensive “Slow Down” – shows that it was definitely worth waiting for.


Merging the minds of Matt Van Schie and Mighty Mouse, the project has been gaining traction over the past few years and has even seen their single, “Darkness”, being used in comedy film, Entourage, this time last year.


Using its individual sounds sparingly, the pair introduce a groovy little bassline to an offbeat rhytmn and, throwing a cheeky cow bell in for good measure, deliver a song that serves as proof that sometimes less is more.


After already completing tours across Europe, North America and Australia, as well as holding down a place on Hype Machine’s ‘One’s To Watch’, it’s glaringly obvious that the Daft Punk-esque Du Tonc will be gaining more ground as the year rolls on.




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