T-Pain – You Don’t Know S**t | New Music

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T-Pain – You Don’t Know S**t | New Music


I have been waiting to hear a T-Pain song that takes me back to his early work and the wait was worth it. This week he released his new song “You Don’t Know S**t”.


The cover art uses the popular meme show above and is fitting considering what he’s discussing in the song. T-Pain is letting his lady know that he is not up for the back and forth about what he gets up to when she’s not around and declares throughout the chorus “You Don’t Know Sh-t”.


The new jam is produced by T-Pain himself; featuring perfectly layered synths and our favourite, auto-tuned vocals. The song comes a week after, See You Coming and features the hashtag, #F-ckAComeback. This leads me to believe we may be getting a lot more heat from the R&B singer.


Either way I am happy to see that he is returning more to his original sound, the one that got us all into his music to begin with. Have a listen to, “You Don’t Know Sh-t” below:




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