’20 Somethings’ Is The Brand New Single From PuffHost | Music News


Alternative pop duo PuffHost have just released their latest single “20 Somethings”.


The band members from Nashville, Ethan Rose and Myke Wilken, are two 90’s kids coping with the pressure of being millennials and they shaped their feelings into this genuine new track.


If you want to see two avocado-dressed up guys eating bacon, playing mini-golf and dancing, go check out the official video of “20 Somethings”. Even though seeing PuffHost members personifying fruits may seem hilarious, this track’s lyrics are far from being silly.


Dressing up as avocados is PuffHost’s very peculiar way of dealing with serious topics such as having to cope with too hard expectations, anxiety, and stress of failing, especially when you’re in your 20s.


“20 Somethings”, as they said, is an “avocado toast” to all the young people who feel lost and lonely, aiming to encourage them to embrace trial and get over their fear of failure. “It’s hard to navigate life as a 20 Something and we want to celebrate that struggle with this jam“.


PuffHost ultimately aim to inspire the listener to “live an honest life instead of lying to theirselves just to make the whole world feel better”.


You will definitely feel better or at least less lonely after you take few minutes to listen to this catchy alternative pop jam.


Watch the video for “20 Somethings” here:




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