Ash The Author Unveils Brand New Single ‘Trouble’

After his last EP The Blue, Ash The Author is back with a new single entitled “Trouble”. And true to form, we find this confidence and this art of handling words in this new project with a retro crooner touch.

In this new crooner character, the singer/rapper questions the decisions we make, why we make them, and the challenges that surround him as an independent artist. The album finds Ash smiling at all the imposters and gatekeepers he brushes up against while pursuing his destiny.

With its guitar tunes on an electronic background and the choirs accompanying the rapper, the instrumental is optimistic and puts you in a good mood with some well-thought-out punchlines. The music also has a kind of uninhibited feel to it that adds to the fun.

Born in Chicago, Ash The Author is a rapper and singer with a long musical lineage. He grew up around percussionists, producers, poets, writers, and performers. At the age of 13, he took his first steps into music production with a turntable, a microphone, and Cool Edit Pro software.

The rapper is currently working on his second EP, due out in late 2021, but until the release, you can listen to “Trouble” right below.


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